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Michelle Barratt Psychology alongside other professionals provides specialist psychological services across the east and west of Brisbane; working in two separate clinics: The Toowong Specialist Group (Toowong), and Child and Family Psychology (Cannon Hill). Her expertise support people across their lifespan: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples, and Families in many different types of areas that they might be struggling in.

Michelle Barratt is a Clinical Psychologist and her main focus is to support and facilitate her clients to live their lives as positively and as healthily as possible, and to reach their highest goals. We understand that every individual person is different from each other, so treatment plans are specifically tailored to suit each and every individuals needs.

Michelle’s expertise support people in the following areas (to name a few)

: Depression
: Anxiety
: Difficult Behavior in children and adolescents (Tantrums, Conflict, Arguments, etc)
: Conduct Disorder
: Eating Disorders
: Stress
: Conflict management (particularly supporting families)
: Bipolar Disorder

If you feel you need to just talk, or believe there are real issues to be addressed, please don’t hesitate to make contact now. Policies and procedures are easily explained and once you make contact it will feel like you could have done this a long time ago. Michelle Barratt Psychology is entirely friendly and is focused on making you feel supported and understood, and knows that your journey through many years of experience is entirely your own. Additionally, the process of how to move forward from here is easy once you reach out and take that first step to obtaining support. The best way to reach support is to email her on

Phone + 61 737015264
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distance: 15,813 Kilometers
Address 54 Jephson Street, Toowong, Queensland